Alexis Jones is the founder and Lead Clinician of Transcend Clinical Services Inc. She received her MSW from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work and is clinically licensed in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. She has extensive experience helping children, adults, and families navigate challenging situations in an array of settings including schools, home-based services, and child welfare.

Alexis specializes in supporting adults to navigate issues related to trauma, family conflict, work-related stress, and relational issues to develop healthy physical and mental lifestyles. She is extremely passionate about helping individuals to become the best version of themselves. She prides herself on providing a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to feel heard and supported.

While Alexis has provided therapeutic services for many years to individuals and families, she has a special place in her heart for assisting and coaching Clinicians to develop their skills to be able to effectively build and develop their private practices. Alexis is a Board Certified Supervisor with the Board of Social Work Examiners in Maryland and an adjunct professor where she diligently works to lead and empower the next generation of helping professionals.

Alexis provides customized group wellness sessions to groups and organizations that are seeking to bring social emotional awareness and improve overall well-being. She offers mindfulness and guided journaling sessions tailored to the goals and needs of the group or organization.


Aneesha Scott is a licensed Social Worker within the jurisdictions of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Aneesha has provided social work services to children, adolescents, adults, and families within the residential setting and school setting. She currently practices Social Work in the state of Maryland where she facilitates individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy to adolescents and their families. Aneesha believes that her purpose is to advocate for others, advocate for social justice, and serve marginalized and/or oppressed groups in our society.

Aneesha attended George Mason University in which she received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Law, & Society. She then attended the prestigious Howard University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work with the Concentration of Children and Families. Aneesha is also a Board Approved Supervisor with the Board of Social Work Examiners in Maryland.

“There is no time, like the present.” Life can often bring about unexpected changes, stressors that are difficult to control, and emotions that cause you to unravel, but you are not alone. There is a place for you to be heard and supported today!

Aneesha helps clients address a range of issues which include loss and grief, depression, anxiety, inattention, mood disorders, trauma, relational conflicts, familial concerns, and behavior management. She truly enjoys helping people discover their potential and rising to be the best version of themselves. Aneesha understands that life can leave one feeling an array of emotions which can inhibit their growth and development in life. She strives to create a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment where one can resolve their emotional pain, learn to communicate effectively, and discover their truth. Aneesha works collaboratively with clients to build upon their strengths. She aims to bring transparency and compassion to the therapeutic relationship. She looks forward to starting this new journey with you.


Stacy Embrack received her Master’s of Social Work at the University of Maryland Baltimore, and her undergraduate studies through a dual-degree program at Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Sociology. Stacy has extensive experience providing social work services to children, adolescents, adults, and families within the school setting and home environment.

Stacy believes in working in collaboration with clients, utilizing their strengths to help them sort out their challenges to effectively achieve their goals.

She believes in the importance of exploring all aspects of an individual’s life to improve their overall wellbeing. Stacy is passionate about serving her community and assisting individuals in the healing process to becoming a healthier and happier version of themselves.

​​​Stacy believes that feeling heard and understood are most important in forming an effective therapeutic relationship. She believes that healing and growth occurs within a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. Through collaboration, she hopes to walk alongside you on this new journey.


LaTrista graduated with her MSW from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work and obtained her BS in psychology from Howard University. LaTrista currently practices in the state of Maryland, focusing on working with adolescents, adults, and families to help them navigate challenges with anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences.

LaTrista is passionate about providing mental health and wrap around services to the African American community in a way that is relevant and unique.

LaTrista’s ultimate goal is to do her part in helping heal intergenerational trauma that occurs in underprivileged populations. LaTrista prides herself on assisting women and children to build a strong concept of self worth and self esteem.​​

LaTrista’s life slogan is “Embrace your Slayage and Rip Life’s Runway” which encourages people to follow their goals and dreams without limitations. LaTrista is enthusiastic about the opportunity to start this journey with you and your family.


Netelege Richards is a licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Social Work. Netelege received her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with a major in Clinical Social Work and a minor in Political Science.

Netelege has an extensive history in working with children, adolescents and families in multiple settings including schools, inside the home, hospital in-patient units, and outpatient facilities. She specializes in LGBTQ+ youth and the unique challenges of individuals and families in the military (active duty and retired).

In addition, she specializes in treating individuals struggling with mood disorders, life transitions, anxiety, traumatic experiences, relational problems, communication challenge, boundary setting, and racial or sexual identity issues.

She embraces and enjoys the practices of mindfulness and exploring an individual's inner strength for personal growth. She believes in the promotion of healing and embracing the desire to change in a unique and non judgmental manner. Netelege looks forward to partnering with you on this journey.


Briana Rahming is a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Maryland. She earned her B.S. from University of Maryland College Park in Public Health and her Master's Degree from the  University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work with a Concentration in Behavioral Health. She has extensive history providing therapeutic services to a diverse clientele including children, geriatrics, veterans, couples, adolescents, and families. Clinical interventions have been provided to clients experiencing grief/bereavement, codependency, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, complex sexual trauma, marital discord, suicidal ideation, dysfunctional family dynamics, and physical abuse. ​Her methods of practice include client-centered therapy, while combining psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques.

​​Briana realizes and appreciates that each client is unique, and their personal story is valuable. Briana believes listening with compassion is the best therapeutic tool. She is driven to gain each client's trust with genuine communication so that each client feels safe and on equal footing. Faith-based counseling or strictly clinical tracks are available under Briana's care, as she believes treating the entire person (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically) is the key to holistic healing. Briana's ultimate goal is to create a space for you to feel seen as she supports you on your journey.

Ayaana Smith, LMSW

Ayaana Smith is a Licensed Master Social Worker who specializes in enhancing self-esteem, self-worth, and empowering others to create the life they are seeking. Ayaana received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the Illustrious Morgan State University. She has experience providing social work services to children, youth, adults and families in the outpatient, non-profit, residential, and school settings. Driven by kindness and genuineness, Ayaana focuses on an individual’s skills and strengths to assist them in making intentional daily decisions that foster self-growth.

Ayaana enjoys working with her Clients to build healthy relationships and healthy boundaries to live a well-balanced and fulfilled life. She has the unique ability to make people feel heard and at ease.  

Ayaana is passionate about working with individuals to identify appropriate solutions to navigate life transitions, manage depression, anxiety and any trauma related experiences. Ayaana looks forward to helping you on your healing journey as you make a commitment to yourself and your goals!

Laurie Blackman, PHD, LMSW

Laurie earned her PhD from the College of Social Work at the University of Utah. She graduated with her MSW from Howard University School of Social Work with a specialization in Social Gerontology and completed her BS in Health Management from Howard University.She is passionate about helping people to make the changes they seek. As an ally, Laurie uses a supportive and nonjudgmental approach to work with individuals and families to assist them in discovering their strengths and uniqueness. While helping individuals to work through difficult issues, her empathetic lens helps to provide a safe space for Clients to feel supported. Her upbeat demeanor makes her very personable and easy to talk with.

Within her area of focus, she has helped families address the caregiving challenges of aging parents. Having been a caregiver herself to aging parents, she understands how to work with adults and families struggling with life changes and transitions.  Laurie strives to be a supportive partner in the healing process through strong and authentic relationships. She looks forward to assisting you on your transformation journey!

Lachond Carter, lCsw-C

Lachond Carter is a licensed Clinical Social Worker currently practicing in the state of Maryland. Lachond graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelors degree in Social Work. She went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Social Work, with a Concentration in Children and Families from University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work. Lachond has provided social work services within treatment foster care, school-based services, an outpatient mental health clinic, a residential treatment setting, and a crisis intervention hotline. She facilitates individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Lachond focuses on equipping clients with the tools necessary to build healthy relationships, communicate effectively, process change, manage triggers, and become their own best advocate.

Lachond specializes in treating individuals who have difficulty in the areas of anxiety, depression, inattention, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, and behavioral challenges.  She assists individuals with learning how to manage life stressors and identify coping mechanisms to maintain a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.

Lachond strives to empower clients by providing education, insight, and support to help clients to reach their treatment goals. Lachond’ s passion comes from her desire to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. Being educated and raised in Baltimore City, Lachond has seen firsthand how unmet mental health needs affects individuals, families, and the community. She strives to normalize the necessity of mental health support. Within the therapeutic environment, Lachond provides a safe non-judgmental space where clients can feel respected and understood on their journey to healing. She looks forward to supporting you on your path to better mental health and wellbeing.

Kanesha Brown, LMSW

Kanesha is a Licensed Master Social Worker who specializes in embracing the art of perseverance. Kanesha received her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California, completed her BA in Psychology from Wesley College (Dover, DE), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Kanesha makes it her mission to enhance strategies so that others possess the confidence needed to succeed no matter the obstacles before them. Kanesha utilizes motivational interviewing and strength-based strategies to assist her clients in overcoming life’s various obstacles.

Kanesha has worked with children, families, and unaccompanied adults of all ages. She lives by the slogan of “building one’s house by straw, brick, or clay, just build it well and build it your way.” Kanesha knows that everyone’s journey is different, but she is excited to work with you and your family to reach your destination.